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too bad uday im still here still getting stoned & you will have to kill me before i will condem the power over the plants and animals god has granted


one million miles stoned and loving it

smokingspirit | 01 June, 2011 19:35



Credentials of Smokingspirit ordained minister One million miles stoned and loving it Volunteered: Earth day events St. Louis International Institute KdHX TV and Radio Channel 9 PBS Library volunteer Helped at KYMCA radio Anarchist volunteer Financial support: Southern poverty Justice Green peace Amnesty International World wildlife Federation Chess club • Travel most of the 50 states • Crossed Death Valley • Caught in a spring snow storm in the mountains of Colorado • Winter camped • Spent the night at the Grand Canyon • White water rafting in a cannon in Alaska • Hitch hiked to Alaska and back without a knife • Took a raft in the swamps of Florida • Played war games in the swamps of Florida at midnight • Repelled upside down to a cave • 7 people all went into a cave all with 2 lights each lost for hours, but thanks to the pot smoker we found our way out with only 2 working lights • Spent the night in a cave • Went to some of the best parties and concerts privet party by Santana • Took scuba diving and first aid course needed open water to be certified snorkeled in Mexico • Parachuted 5 times, 2 in Illinois, 2 in Florida , 1 in Maine • Had the largest and best parties in high school • Smoked a joint in a church and police station to be • Walked through Harlem at 1 am looking for a joint • Smoked a joint in the center of Broadway and 5th av. NY • Travel through east LA and east St Louis looking for a joint • Would ride my bicycle from new Hampshire to Maine • Took a 400cc motorcycle from Florida to New Hampshire • our Jr. high school walked out in a day of protest • Robbed, kidnapped and assaulted in Mexico • Rescued a US military convoy in Ecuador trapped by an avalanche • Swam in the Amazon River • Rescued a girl from drowning • Traveled the Yukon hwy in the winter • Taught English for about a year in Japan • Spent the night on an out crop of rocks in the sea of Taiwan and watched the shore disappear • Competent in horse back ridding, rode horse back in the Himalayas • Spent the night in parks in Europe • Spent the week on the beach in a farmers field up 300-500 stairs in Portugal • Hiked the Himalayas for about a week in Nepal • Walked in the foot steps of Christ • Swam in the Dead Sea • Had an impromptu mass at the Mount of Olives • Climbed the pyramids of Mexico • Visited the Vatican • Walked up the red carpet of Buddha in Thailand • Rode in a ship in the sea of Thailand during a storm the ship had to stop 3 times and bail water • Ran for Missouri congress and received 11% of the vote • Published author and photographer • Former land lord and land owner • Could stand on my land a say as far as you see I own • Had retirement paid for at 35 years old • Excellent credit from 1985-1999 • Art-Plus, Mo trunk and case mfg. "I"s palace, 3 business owned and managed • Worked cutting lawn and odd jobs bought some stock sold it and bought a boat • Got my first apartment at 18 • First one to graduate in my class, dropped out of school smoked a joint and without studying went and passed my equivalency test DONE; *Jet Ski *snow mobile * Para sailed *rode in a jet helicopter at a sharp angle with the door open *rode an elephant in Thailand Saw: The Grateful Dead 5 times, Fox burro Mass, Orlando Fla, ST. Louis Mississippi River festival REM Frank Zappa U-2 Guns and Roses Riot The Stones Blues and blue grass festivals Santana Although I was never abused or neglected I learned at an early age that freedom is the freedom of choice to use self responsibility and self restraint in the making of that choice • was driving at 14 years of age • First hitchhiked with a group in the 4th grade • First hitchhiked solo in the 7th grade Traveled: Americas Middle East USA Canada Israel Bahamas Jordon Ecuador –(1 month or more) Brazil Mexico –(1 month or more) Europe Iceland Far East Denmark Netherlands –(1 month or more) Taiwan Belgium Japan– (1 month or more) France Thailand Germany Nepal Spain India– (1 month or more) Switzerland Hong Kong Poland Korea Hungary Slovakia England Albania Austria Portugal Italy

buy books check out

http://www.Amazon.com/go/smokingspirit. About Christians and Freedom.

http://www.Amazon.com/go/An Opening For the living .

http://www.Facebook.com/go/Robert Christophel.bc1900@yahoo.com




>http://www./www.googlebooks.com/go/googlebooks.com/AnOpening for the living by smokingspirit.
Smokingspirit ran for political office twice once reciveing the 2nd highest percentage of all libertarian canidates in the state of Missouri. this was published Monday, May 23, 2011 campaine To be an American An American will defend the constitution for all people and insure own enforcement. An American does not have to bow to a King or Czar, or medical monopoly but can speak his mind and practice his religion or lack of it, as he sees fit. The American is entitled to the best the world has to offer, the best as defined by him. An American knows that if you have an accusation then you make it in a court of law and that the accused is innocent until proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. That all people are entitled to Gods nature and his natural goodness defined in the American constitution, for freedom is the freedom of choice to use self responsibility and self restraint in the making of that choice, and that a civilized society is based on liberty and tolerance for all. An American knows that a Christian leads by example and that all things are possible under God as long as the moral , the moral of Jesus Christ in one word rains supreme that word is peace. In America we use to have peace officers who would serve and protect not persecute and oppress, in America the state use to be grown up and not always try to claim to be victim for any and every reason or not try to persecute people who speak truth to power weather it's the Christian pole dancers or the California pot smokers from sea to shinning sea there is a place for all to be. Read more in the book about Christians and freedom @amazon.com

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