Thursday, July 28, 2011

Victim or the crime

Patients runs out for the junky,( when the cockroach cowards come after someone with the crave they do anything to seek relief) a dark fag hires another soul, ( they take you the black mans way, forced into their war zone and hooked to their latest drug they happen to be pushing) did he steal his pay or earn it, ( these Nazi cowards insist its not how hard you work all the money in the world can never make a building safe for a smoker and nonsmoker to peacefully exist) was he forced or did he learn it? what ever happen to his self control, like him I’m tired of tiring to heal, (you pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence, they are not interested in a cure but just having you take their drugs & follow their moral) maybe when your turn comes you will advance, ( if Time magazine can put a huge pot leaf on the front cover and point out the true science of weed is being subverted, when they can boast about their Charlie Daniels they converted, their Saturday night live crew they eliminated and just too bad about jerry Garcia what chance will you have?)what truth is proof against all lies, what scared fails before profane, (all the talibomb have to do is make a moral accusation against the person and the Christian is never moral enough to prosper) the wisest man is deemed insane, (their high technology weapons are for ever classified you either join them in their genocide or your considered crazy) even the pure of the romantic compromise, what fixation feeds us deeper, am I living proof or a deceiver, am I the victim or the crime. Saint Jerry Garcia read more in the book