Friday, September 2, 2011

Understanding technology and those who play God

Technology has been used throughout time by people who want to play god- In ancient Roman times only the high priest could open the temple door- Lewis and Clark could throw some gun powder on the fire- make a deer dead with no bow or arrow- Cortez played god and the south American and the Indians gave up their freedom today if you are not seeing things in ultra violet, thermo imaging , Gama or inferRed, if you are not filming at 500,000 frames per second then you are not seeing the real world, man only sees a small fraction of light – then you have sound technology, high frequency sound that can make imagery or hear an elephant from seven miles away, now add in a few David copper field and Chris Angel magic tricks- even a Harry Potter cloak that a Japan university has 90% effectively produced and if you back them up with a few drones that can be two miles up on a clear day and you cannot see them , yet they can see the whites of your eyes, now you have the making of the technology wizards, who are playing god passing their phony morality on the people, gutting our cities with their crime and violence destroying our property values and small business and carrying out a drug war to destroy our freedom their science or logic just doesn’t add up read more in the book
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The Muslimization of America
‎Monday, ‎August ‎15, ‎2011, ‏‎1:26:45 PM | smokingspirit
The Muslimization of America Ron Paul wins second place finish in Iowa straw poll loosing by less the 200 votes, but the press interviews the other candidates. Ron’s message just doesn’t get out there. We are left with the other candidates one who claims “we should fast (stare) and pray more” during Ramadan And the other who says the only difference between the “right wing and the talibomb is one is a cult,” but then America just needs more right wingers so when the Muslim plays the moral card the Christian is always suppose to lose. We have seen in the past that the American has to blow up mail boxes to get his message out but we never hear his message- We condemn the Arabs for shutting down the internet and yet when a cop kills a modern day Thomas Edison, Thomas Jefferson or Henry Ford (all illegal drug users) they shut down the internet to prevent peaceful protest in California- Time Magazine points out “the true science of weed is being subverted.” Least we forget that the Mormons are Anti-Smoking, Anti Drinking and it was in Texas they demanded that the people take the medical monopolies breathalyzer test not because the owner of the bar wanted the person out or that the person was driving but because he might be celebrating the blood of Christ the water of life or that Holy Spirit that does not fit into a computer, but take the test or be arrested! They put a temporary stop to this but no protections were added to stop them from next time, This will give them time to identify those who won’t join them, as they stack the population with more Muslims, We couldn’t have more Thai – Japan- Chinese or Pilipino girls, but we get more Muslim refugees and the population of freedom loving Americans continues to decline, Help keep the world free stop the medical monopoly(their foreign owned pharmaceutical companies and their secret Arab funding) it’s not too late to change our fate and stop these snakes before they turn this world into another anti drinking- anti smoking state. From their nicotine patch to their Parkinson’s drug they don’t just make designer steroids for the jocks and with two shooting a night in almost every city they are just not helping these people out. Americans use to have the largest saving in the world but they work to run the decedent American broke, or just join the 700 club and you too can prosper, the middle class has been under attack for too long, Disaster economics ( Harper Magazine) is no longer just for the individual as we saw in New Orleans. We could have fuel at $ 0.98 per gallon if weed was legal- yet we have to pay the Arabs $4.00 per gallon as They work to eliminating the decedent American, will you join them in order to prosper or will you make a stand for freedom and liberty read more in the book About - Christians and freedom or An opening for the living @ or Visit our web site @ Comments