Tuesday, March 13, 2012

science fiction or science fact ?????

As an independent freelance journalist and science fiction writer I have stumbled across a national program where a group of people ignore the will of god and the law so they can play god. they are well connected with the anti drug program promoting its lies and propaganda and using high technology and information obtained and or mastered through the MK-Ultra program, Edgewood, and the Kentucky drug farm- the simple fact is they control the crave. anyone who challenges their fraudulent science is labeled, once you are labeled, the next agent just has to work harder to make you whatever they have labeled you or risk a promotion, and one click of the mouse brings you closer to ( fear dot com) you click on it or the computer claims you clicked on it you fall victim to their extra judicial killings, their victim just has a heart attack if he's lucky- otherwise he must pay endlessly for the medical monopoly incompetence where he is finely deemed a hypochondriac - ADD -bi-polar -or just another crazy smoker they accomplish this with high technology weapons, slander, lies, and disaster economics as Naomi Klein points out in her book. Everyone can turn a blind eye to the person who has been labeled, it’s just another immoral, just another decedent American, when the Muslim plays the moral card the Christians is always suppose to lose even if the person is proved to be innocent or proved not to be a danger it’s too late their drug war is too important "even the hopeless of the romantics will compromise" JGB (victim or the crime) Help keep the world free stop the medical monopoly read more in the book About Christians and freedom@amazon.com

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