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Americas #1

smokingspirit | 01 August, 2011 16:20

Americas #1 Let’s find out who these Talibomb are that are ripping off the American people. Let’s Bring these gay Nazi to justice. The people in Holland can work one week and earn enough to pay for all their basic necessities and have a small savings left over. The French can work 35 hours a week and have enough money to join 5000 other people roller skating though Pairs and bar hopping as they go. Germany can give its people 3 months paid vacation the first year of work. The people in England can have unlimited internet for $6.00 and they all have free healthcare, they can all pretty much walk down the street and buy what they need or want without having to worry about some backstabbing coward ripping him off as these Nazis gut our city’s and destroy our property values. In American we let these cowards spend 12million dollars to make a criminal out of Cheech and Chong as they turn a tax paying business into a liability for the state- We could have Gasoline for $0.98 cents a gallon if weed was legal but the Arabs tell you there’s nothing we can do about it and we have to pay these Nazi cowards to build their prison empire so Hover can have his Holiday Hotel. As they work to create their repressive regime so the Talibomb can liberate us. How many people will fall victim in England to the Czar and his Nazi using high technology lies and propaganda to “subvert the true science of weed”?(Time Magazine) How many Disable soldiers’ have to suffer because some gay cowards wanted to search Sadams bedroom? Show me your bible or show me your science is that too much for an American to ask? But Americas # 1 Show me read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM@ Amazon .com and AN OPENING FOR THE LIVING@Amazon.com or check out the web site www.smokingspirit123.com

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Victim or the crime

smokingspirit | 28 July, 2011 15:58

Victim or the crime Patients runs out for the junky,( when the cockroach cowards come after someone with the crave they do anything to seek relief) a dark fag hires another soul, ( they take you the black mans way, forced into their war zone and hooked to their latest drug they happen to be pushing) did he steal his pay or earn it, ( these Nazi cowards insist its not how hard you work all the money in the world can never make a building safe for a smoker and nonsmoker to peacefully exist) was he forced or did he learn it? what ever happen to his self control, like him I’m tired of tiring to heal, (you pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence, they are not interested in a cure but just having you take their drugs & follow their moral) maybe when your turn comes you will advance, ( if Time magazine can put a huge pot leaf on the front cover and point out the true science of weed is being subverted, when they can boast about their Charlie Daniels they converted, their Saturday night live crew they eliminated and just too bad about jerry Garcia what chance will you have?)what truth is proof against all lies, what scared fails before profane, (all the talibomb have to do is make a moral accusation against the person and the Christian is never moral enough to prosper) the wisest man is deemed insane, (their high technology weapons are for ever classified you either join them in their genocide or your considered crazy) even the pure of the romantic compromise, what fixation feeds us deeper, am I living proof or a deceiver, am I the victim or the crime. Saint Jerry Garcia read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM@Amazon.com and AN OPENING FOR THE LIVING@Amazon.com

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fat people next?

smokingspirit | 26 July, 2011 15:37

A land lord and a land owner two cars and I move into a working class neighborhood, then I heard them standing over my bed claiming they were going to take me the black man’s way, $ 15,000. 00 was spent trying to find a cure for their bug bite, fire felt better than their deodorant, they dusted my bills with their poison but then you are to believe that the blacks just don’t want to work, or the pot smokers just to irresponsible to pay his bills, but I stuck my hands in a pair of socks a wrote out just the critical checks, so as not to screw over the family although they did everything to make it appear that the family was the ones behind the torture. From their rogain to their shampoo, when I sprayed it on I heard them say die bastard, but you can be assured they only use high frequency sound to make someone eat a bag of stale potato chips(BBC radio science report). The harder you work the more they will steal, the more you cut back the more they screw you over, No American no matter how hard he works can ever make a building safe for a smoker and nonsmoker to peacefully exist. And you think you can play by the rules, collect enough fact and figures and prove their science fraudulent, think again. Time magazine puts a huge pot leaf on its cover and points out the true science of weed is being subverted and they can’t even get a debate going, “Here is a grow light for you”, “oh you want to start a vegetable garden and we can plant some weed”, “I’ll sell you a quarter for 60.00 and oz. for 80.00 or ¼ lb. for 120.00 “ I’ll just take the ¼ oz., not what they wanted to hear , But maybe next week will take the ¼ lb., I figured if these back stabbing cowards were going to mess with me it would me my honor to follow the law, but these sub humane scum insist it’s not how hard you work or if you play by the rules but how far you bend over for them. 30 years under these gay cowards and each one worked to set me up and screw me over each one worked to make a Delorean or Marion Barry out of me, “they don’t get paid to write nice reports on the pot smoker” they get paid to make criminals out of them and once you have been labeled the next agent just has to work harder to make you fit into their lie or risk a promotion. When it cost 400.00 to test a product, and you have to know what to test for, they just don’t make designer steroids for the jocks they just don’t lie about their fen fen, they spray paraquate on the weed knowing it does nothing but give the smoker cancer and with two shooting a night in every major city you can be assured these cowards aren’t helping these people out but carrying out their genocide. Science fiction or science fact? What lie will they tell about you when they come after you with the crave and what will you do? Is it too much for the American to ask show me your bible or show me your science, Ozzy Osbourne proves it’s genetic. Is it too much for the American to ask for the right to the American deceleration of Independence? Gods nature and his natural goodness their in declared. And when a 5000 year old stash of weed is found in the Gobi desert, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why they work so hard to keep weed illegal read more in the book: About Christians and Freedom@amazon .comAn Opening for the living@Amazon.comwww.Smokingspirit123.com

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its time to bring them to justice

smokingspirit | 25 July, 2011 20:12

Michelle Alexander

Civil rights lawyer

Your BBC comments 7-23-11 support what I have been saying for the last 20 years, but you forgot to include technology- They just don’t make designer steroids for the jocks, They can make a periscope the width of a human hair- Their needless air powered injectors similar to the ink jet printer produces 1000s of dots per square inch DPI, their lasers can shoot a satellite out of space in a storm on a ship- their air powered riffles can shred a steel can using only air!, With high frequency sound they can make someone eat a bag of stale potato chips and he won’t even know it, but everyone can see its just some immoral black man talking to himself on the street corner ,right? Their David Copperfield and Chris angel magic tricks are forever classified and you either join the Talibomb who have seized theses weapons in their Genocide are you are considered crazy. When they can get on the front page of the newspaper and boast about the garbage they make in the labs to rip off the poor and the unsuspecting you can be assured that they are only corrupt when it comes to stealing baseball tickets and towing cars, and with two shootings a night in every major city you can be assured they are just helping these people out, or its just black on black crime, they don’t just steel cars from the handicap and attack cancer patients they lie they cheat and steal and if you’re not filming at 500,000 frame per second if you’re not seeing thing in ultraviolet , Gama, or thermo imaging you are not seeing the real world read more in the books ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM@Amazon.com and

An OPENING FOR THE LIVING@Amazon.com also check out


If a teacher keeps failing its students then it’s time to replace the teacher. Every arrest equals a failure. Their 90% failure rate isn’t by gross negligence of incompetence, but by the talibombs agenda these cocka roach cowards just don’t steal cars from the handicap and attack cancer people they just don’t steal from camp Zoë and turn a blind eye to the poor and black, they lie cheat and steal and if you gay Nazi got a accusation to make why don’t you get enough guts to come out of hiding and admit that you control the crave you attack the poor and the black with your crack and look the other way with your crave, oozy Osborn black Sabbath proves its genetic they want to tell you it’s not how hard you work in America but how far you bend over for them, according to them all the $ in the world can’t make a building safe for a smoker and non smoker to peacefully coexist, soon or later your technology you use will be exposed and your charade will end let our people go. When we could fuel for 98 cents a gallon if weed was legal 2000, jobs could be created over night in every major city but these cowards subvert the true science and carry out their genocide.

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define terrorist

smokingspirit | 20 July, 2011 16:00

They tell us we have to give up our freedom because they can’t hold a trail for the suspected terrorist and they don’t want to show the technology they use, so we just have to believe their accusation, when all we need to do is put Brittney spears, Hilton Madonna all in a waiting room, add a couple of playboy bunnies, chic and Chong, add couple of gays, and some Jewish zealots, leave a gun loaded with blanks in the room and bring the suspected terrorist in their if he tries to mess with any of these Americans you know you have a terrorist. War over, but they tell us we can’t even define terrorist today as they attack our smokers, our liberals, the only thing different from the right wing is one is a cult, realy?

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End of talibomb.

smokingspirit | 20 July, 2011 15:59

There is only one way to battle the talibomb1. Build an out door movie theater, mine the hell out of it, put up some signs that say learn to respect other people’s rights and property, don’t like the radio change the station, don’t like the movie don’t watch it, don’t like the web site don’t go to it, Grow up quit playing victim all the time what’s between God and man is none of your business. Then run the playboy channel 24/7 add some southern preachers burning the bible or Koran and these gay Nazi will blow themselves up trying to stop it. End of talibomb.

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talibomb exposed

smokingspirit | 20 July, 2011 15:36

The Talibomb and their secret connection
to the medical monopoly

As Time magazine wonders why the true science of
weed is being subverted, (see 2004 issue) and the will
of the people from California to Columbia mo. are
being ignored. We must examine the real possibility
and take steps to insure the freedom of the common
people for future generations. Let us not stereo type
all Islam but focus on the master minds who would use
anthrax to shut down our congress in the mist of them
negotiating health care and trying to end the health
care crisis that has effected every small to medium
size American business and has made refugees out of or
old and sick. Although the vast majority of
pharmaceutical companies are foreign owned, we the
people are suppose to believe these gods in white
coats when they use their fraudulent science and tell
us “they don’t know why America has the highest
addiction rate in the world, but you are suppose to
believe them when they tell us we can not see a Better
Business Bureau complaint report made against any
doctor, and we are suppose to believe that Americans
are just not as smart as the Europeans or brazil to
walk down to the store and buy what they need or
import cheaper drugs safely. When you look at their
national program you can see that the addiction rates
peak in neighborhoods where big investors plan to
improve, so they leave abandoned houses and the crime
elements begins to explode. You can see that the
connection between New Orleans and the large amount of
drug convicts and felons though out the states. How
long are we to believe that the medical monopoly that
makes billions off the old and sick is too stupid to
give the undesirable an undetectable pain and then
criminalize him for seeking relief from their poison?
We have seen what the oil companies have done to our
environment and economy. As the small American farmer
was run broke in the 1970s as the oil crisis hit our
shores, the farmer was prevented from bringing cheap
natural fuels to the people. Not only are the poor
Subversives affected by the crave but also the rich
movie stars always seem to fall victim. Why must we
Americans be forced to believe that education cannot
work or that they cannot take the profit out of the
drug war, as our people are criminalized for barring
arms against old age, aches and pains or their
biological crave. We have watched our small business
and middle class shirk dramatically since the 1950-and
60s. We have been forced to change our laws and give
the medical monopoly unheard of exemptions and yet we
are asked to believe that all the money in the world
all the science in the world cannot make a building
safe for a smoker and non-smoker to peacefully
co-exist. It is time we recognize the connection
between the loss of our freedom and the Talibomb. We
must preserve the Deceleration of Independence
granting us Gods nature and his natural Goodness, It
is time we recognize the genetic, religious and
hereditary differences of those who choose to accept
the first page of the Christian bible and the power it
grants us all over all the plants and animals. Celebrated my our countries founding fathers George Washington Thomas Jefferson even Henry ford and Thomas Edison were all illegal drug users that the czar and his Nazi would want to lock away and torture until they are converted into hating everything God created it is time to accept God and his natural goodness declared in the declaration of independence.

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Can only foreigners run profitable companies?

smokingspirit | 20 July, 2011 15:33

Can only foreigners run profitable companies? Restoring America to a time when people like Thomas Edison, Jefferson and Henry Ford could get by with little or no money. When the people recognized the goodness of God and Gods nature. In this time of big corporations and world markets we need to look at why it is so hard for the poor to get by. Is it the lack of education or lack of motivation or is it the credit card companies and big companies are just making out landish profits off the people for their basic necessities. Is it the fault of the people down in New Orleans that they could not afford the $0.55 gallon gas that the American farmer could have brought them. Or is it the fault of the old and sick that have to sell everything to pay for the drugs that the people in Burma grow for free. It is time we recognize that their national program is to run the smoker broke, and if they can run the smoker broke do you really think the other so called undesirables are safe? They control the financial aspects of the citizen, recognizing this is the first step to accepting that it’s not God who put them in such a bad way but them playing god. Why does one lousy song make it to the top ten? Why one band is heavily promoted and another really good one never gets off the ground? Why does one product that is worthless like the pet rock make millions and another one go nowhere? You are supposed to believe it is just bad luck, that God just didn’t like you. But look at the facts the small to medium size business of the 1950-and 1960s the back bone of American freedom has been shut down. And your suppose to believe that it was just poor management or that the people just didn’t know how to save. When you look at the real-estate market you see that that it is the big corporations that move into an area that has been infected with drugs and crime and the poor who try to hold on seems to be a useless fight only to be bought out by eminent domain. This repeated pattern is not only evident in the small business but the American farmer and the middle class. While the cost keep going up on the poor it keeps getting easier for the rich. This industrial sabotage is most evident with rock bands. Metalica won’t even play in the states because if they don’t get to keep it, did they really make it? But yet even with Europe ’s higher taxes it more attractive for them over their. Why couldn’t the communes of the 1960s survive? They worked to be off the grid and self sufficient, yet something always happened that brought them to failure and split up. It is time we recognize that God provides all man needs if he can just plant the seeds while the “bad Luck” may come down on you, recognize that they want you to curse God. When the people of Mark twains day could get by little or no money today you would be arrested for vagrancy, and regardless of how hard or how smart you work if those in the “power to be” do not want you to succeed you will be hard pressed to keep your land or profit if someone well connected doesn’t think you deserve it. It’s not your lack of ability, it’s not God cursing you it’s just someone playing god, someone trying to run the smoker broke or just another firestone falling victim to these immoral righteous.

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smokingspirit | 30 June, 2011 20:01

Personal résumé c/v of Reverend SmokingSpirit ------------------------------------------------------------Alter boy St. Rock’s church --------------------------------1969--------------------------------------- Ordained by God in the pine woods ---------------------------1972--------------------------------------- Ordained minister Universal Life Church Modesto California --------------------------------------------------------------------7-17-2001-----------------------------------------------------------Spent a week at a Buddhist temple Thailand walked the red carpet of Buddha-------- 1994---------------------------------Studied the Shinto religion Haranomachi Japan and Sendai Japan----------------------------------------------------------- 1995---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tibetan Buddhist saw the Dalai Lama ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2000-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Associate of Divinity Universal Life Church-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7-26-2002-------------------------------------------------------Theosophy White House retreat Jesuit Community -----------------------------------------------------------------------8-11-2002 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Studied at the Vatican Italy one day ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2004--------------------------------------------------------------------Partaked in the passion of Christ Jerusalem Israel -------------------------------------------------------------------2005------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Worked at a Hindu temple---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2007 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Studied Hindu, Tibetan -Kathmandu Hanijman Dhoka Durbar, lalitpursub metro city 2008 Personal studies :Shivaratri ,Lakshmi, Ganesha, Inca, Mayan, Anabaptist, khlysty, transcendental meditation, Coptic, wiccan, pagan, England Stonehenge, Fatima 1986 orthodox Christian, visited numerous German and Italian churches Islam, Buddhist Osho. Traveled 32 different countries.
Community service, started earth quake relief fund for Kobe Japan, earth day volunteer, kdhx TV, radio ran for political office 2004,2006,2008 approximately 11% , 2% , 6% All things are possible under God as long as the moral of christ life, christ story in one word raines supreame. may the peace of the lord be with us all.

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The Biblical Case for porn

smokingspirit | 30 June, 2011 19:54

The Biblical Case for porn Since the invention of the paint brush to modern technology man has always found a way to celebrate God and his creations working towards the day he can accept the gospel of elzeilkel. On earth as is in heaven, what you work towards, what you pray for, the all loving God will grant. Your body is your temple not just limited to a few gods in white coats. You are the master of your own temple. “Blessed be the fruit of thy womb”, not the womb but the person. The world book of encyclopedia defines fornication ( the old world definition ) as to vault up, the old world bible says do not fornicate your daughters ( vault up). “I have no shame in this gospel” what gospel are they talking about? And why would anyone be ashamed with their interpretation? Do you really believe the angel who turned the city to salt was just mistaken? He should have gone out Sunday morning at 8:00 am or that God just lost his power when the wife turned back to the old ways? Least we forget that pants on a lady was obscene or to the Muslim anything over the ankle or wrist is porn. Naked- nudism is celebrated in the bible. Karma sutra was not hidden away but placed on the outside of the temple for all to see. “She gave to me at the well so she would make a good wife” – the well – whisky the water of life- wine the blood of Christ and that holy smoke- God saw what he created and it was good. Let us not condemn God and his creations but celebrate, master fully, comprehend the first page of the Christian bible before we go to page two Read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM@Amazon.com

notes wilhelm reich

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Why America needs porn

smokingspirit | 30 June, 2011 19:53

Why America needs porn Throughout the history of America porn has played a crucial roll of insuring personal freedom equality and economic prosperity. From the first photo of women wearing pants helped pave the way for women wearing swimsuits. Porn of the past has benefited American society and the women’s right movement by giving them a way to economic freedom to burning of the bras. Many works of art and statues were considered porn when first revealed. And today more than ever America needs porn for the disable American Veterans could have been avoided and the talibomb eliminated by simply following the freedom our founding fathers had and mixing in technology, building an outdoor movie theater and mining the hell out of it then putting up some signs that read “ you don’t like the video don’t watch it you don’t like the radio station don’t listen to it, learn to respect other people rights and property, then run the playboy channel 24/7 and the talibomb will blow themselves up trying to stop it. End of talibomb complete. Because if they can walk past a movie Celebrating God and his nature or playing something objectionable then the American hotel or business can operate without fear of a terrorist. Porn make more money than all sports combine and yet if the talibomb get their phony morality promoted then every American is just one click or one computer hard drive away from being criminal and subjected to Hovers Holiday Hotel where they are converted to gay or Muslim . Read more in the book About Christians and Freedom @ Amazon.com

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show me your bible or show me your science

smokingspirit | 28 June, 2011 18:29

The Religious significant of smoke The American Indian: The Blackfoot Indian grew only one plant, the tobacco plant. Other American Indian tribes smoked all types of different plants each tribe had their favorite, but the importance was the smoke, the peace pipe, and plants that had a reputation for peace and love. The cigar is given at birth to symbolize life, that spirit is sweet, the aroma remains with you to enjoy and then it’s gone, into a new form. The spirit that lingers and then flies away. Anabaptist Experience life, Enjoy, celebrate Christ had died for your sins! Buddha, Buddhism Strongly encourages the individual or group to make the burnt offering at least twice, once in the morning and once in the evening what you burn is up to you. Christian Ashes to ashes dust to dust this burnt offering is a must. St. Anthony encouraged all people to smoke, the earlier the better; still celebrated each year in Italy. Christ died for our sins, your sins are like ashes you should aim for the ash tray, the right way, but it’s not the end of the world if you miss, as long as it’s done in peace. Confucius Great Chinese philosopher had a hemp hat, a 2500 year old stash of high quality weed was found in the Gobies desert Hindu Lord Shiva Encourages the people to smoke or eat hemp 2 or 3 times a day. Ash Wednesday is not just one day a year for holy is an opening for the living Jewish The Holy Scriptures, These plants are your meat. God saw it and it was good. The smoke in the scriptures was not just for God, but from God. Muslim The water pipe has been a good place to smoke, sit and praise God Protestant The bible is revealed to the individual in Gods own time and way all things are possible under God as long as the moral of Christ is maintained, the power over the plants and animals granted to man in the first page of the Christian bible. Pagan- Rainbow tribe, Amazon tribe, voodoo, all of these place a huge importance on making the burnt offering using hemp or other plants to reach a spiritual plane that does not fit into a computer The American significant of smoke History America first settlers survived because of tobacco, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew weed. Law This country constitution was founded on “Gods nature and his Natural goodness” the supreme law that everyone is responsible for Victory- WWI- WWII the tobacco farmer was exempt from service for national security reasons. The war was indirectly won because of tobacco “take 5 smoke em if you’ve got em “ Prosperity Tobacco has been important in trade and prosperity for the American people, hundreds of independent growers and tobacco shops that flourished in the 1920s and 1950s Common since They recommended planting hemp along side roads and in farms for erosion control. Nicotine patch, designer steroids for athletics do you really believe they can’t control the crave? Customs and culture people would leave cigs in a glass case for guest; the smoker was taken into consideration form ash trays on planes, restaurants, and cars. To free matches- one of the US presidents gave out free cigars. Pipes were not an excuse to harass the people but common place. Science Henry Ford made a car out of weed they can make fuel out of weed. NASCAR was started and powered by moon shine Health we do not recognize a profit driven organization that cannot tell every atom or cell in a plant much less dictate to a free American especially since they worship Apollo and swear to Hippocrates a Greek god making the Hippocratic Oath. Nicotine is found in potatoes, Increased metabolism, weed is recommended by Canada and European medical communities, and is high in potassium, tobacco plants can be used to grow vaccines or vitamin C added. Statistics can be swayed to fit any argument; 2 out of every 3 accidents are caused by people not drinking or doing drugs. Man has had smoke in his lungs since the beginning of time. The blood of Christ is wine Read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM @Amazon.com

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smokingspirit | 21 June, 2011 13:40

santa morta

Saturday, June 18, 2011

http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/ bc1900@yahoo.com

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Monday, May 16, 2011

they just dont steal from the rich

They tell you they only stole camp Zoë because they wouldn’t join them in their fraudulent drug war, camp Zoë was just letting the people camp and party in peace. Against the talibombs phony morality but with all the boarded up buildings in North St. Louis Do you really believe that they would turn a blind eye to the poor and the black? That those people are just bad money managers or couldn’t prosper enough to break the cycle of poverty? Do you really believe they only make designer steroids for the jocks and only control the crave with their nicotine patch and Parkinson’s drug, they had to do something to enforce their Jim crow laws, and with two shootings a night in every major city you can be assured that they are just helping these people out, while these backstabbing talibomb even want to steal the $ from the school children, they will tell you there were no criminals in East L.A. no one in California needed the $ more than some racist scum to fly out there and turn a tax paying business into a liability for the tax payer. How long are these talibomb scum going to continue to target the American entrepreneur, gutting our cities with their crime and violence destroying our property values and carrying out genocide in the name of helping these people out? How long will the Christian be criminalized for failing to condemn God and all his creation? Read more in the book
About Christians and freedom@amazon.com

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

genocide exposed

Did Thomas Edison really steal the light bulb?

Isn’t that what all illegal drug users do? George Washington, Henry Ford and Thomas Jefferson would all be locked up in their prison empire they are building. Do you really believe they only make designer steroids for the jocks, do you really believe they only lie about their fen fen and viox? Do you really believe they only control the crave with their nicotine patch and Parkinson’s drug? What better way to enforce their Jim Crow laws than to have a drug war and with almost two shootings in every major city you can be assured that we couldn’t have an Amsterdam and that theses Nazi scum are just helping these people out. End your charade admit that you control the crave. How many more are on your genocide list? Read more in the book about Christians and freedom @ Amazon.com

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Just the facts
We will not be silenced
Fact: They control the crave; from their nicotine patch to their Parkinson drug
Fact: in the 1970s only 2% of the population had anything to do with illegal drugs 2009 over 50% of the population admits to having something to do with drugs i. e. weed
Fact: They make designer drugs for their athletics and breathalyzer pills for the Europeans.
Fact: America has the highest jail population in the world and yet 90% of the jail population is drug related
Fact: America has the highest addiction rate in the world
Fact: They openly admit that “these people is as good if not better than most corporate executives” PBS radio
Fact: T. Edison, T. Jefferson, Georg Washington and Henry Ford all had something to do with illegal drugs
Fact: They make excuses for attacking people with cancer and scoliosis as they ignore the will of the people in California.
Fact: America has less than 30 people legally allowed to smoke weed, while Canada has over 1200
Fact: They use lies and propaganda fear and intimidation to keep weed criminal
Fact: They can not keep heavy drugs crime violence and cell phones out of their prisons and yet we are expected to give up our freedom.
Fact: They claim to be exempt from the Ten Commandments lying, cheating and stealing because some pharmaceutical companies have paid for this war.
Fact: They will sabotage, drug, condition, and train people in their attempt to make a Delorian or Marian berry out of someone.
Fact: They sabotage the American free enterprise system and small business as they gut our cities with their crime and violence
Fact: Time magazine points out the true science of weed is being subverted.
Fact: They have a repeated pattern of lying in court subverting the constitution and the laws in order to eliminate these people.
Fact: they are allowed to disrupt the criminal element; with that the pot smoker is then forever a criminal and they will do what ever it takes to make him a criminal.
Fact: The only thing different from the right wing and the talibomb is one is a cult.
Fact: It was Dow chemical who took two kids in N.J. smoking a joint and turned it into a multi billion dollar war against our freedom.
Fact: It was a retired Dow scientist that made the meth recipe.
Fact: They deny a whole population the right of laws as they criminalize them for their genetic, neurological, hereditary, ancestral, natural and religious rights.
Fact: They always try to make an accusation, about something other than weed, unless they can get him to buy or sell large quantities.
Fact: they have high technology weapons that they can inject the people with the crave or their Aids virus.
Fact: more than one black preacher will tell you there are high officials behind their raciest war.
Fact: They take out 6 million dollars in the poor and black neighbors and can account for only 3 million dollars after spending $5000.00 on badges.
Fact: More people are on the streets pushing their heavy drugs while the honest pot dealer is beaten in the ally with their Billy clubs.
Fact: With a touch of a button they can add THC to weed or take it away, making it worthless.
Fact: The newspapers make you believe that the kid was just too lazy to grow his own plant so he had to start selling their drugs
Fact: They can’t even tell a geese’s brain, flying north and south, but we as free Americans are to give up our freedom so they monitor us.
Fact: They tortured, held until he pissed blood the governor of California libertarian candidate who worked to legalize weed, then gave him a chemical substitute for weed and claimed it had nothing to do with weed.
Fact: Their object is to run the people broke and call them crazy or have him rip off 18 quick shops in a three moth time period with the pretext of helping them out.
Fact: With a 90% return rate with their prisons most either forced into their gay agenda or convert to Muslim.
Fact: The people who are subjected to their war, or forced to work for them if they want a reduced sentence and are forced to destroy other decent people who are different.
Fact: They boast on their front page of the newspapers about their chemicals and garbage they produce in their labs to rip off the uneducated.
Fact: They put paraquat in weed knowing that it did nothing but give the people cancer.
Fact: They can give a person an undetectable pain, I. e. john Nash, and the play the Bugs. And criminalize him for barring arms against their harms.
Fact: Their MK ULTRA program was started in the 1960s and only one Canadian has ever been able to prove he was victim.
Fact: The Arabs just like buying up LA because they like being next to the immoral American movie stars.
Fact: The Talibomb was created by the Americans to battle the Russians in Afghanistan.
Fact: Pakistan has the nuclear bomb and close friends with some Americans
Fact: The first one on the no fly list was the green party candidate.
Fact: At 911 the only plane was allowed to fly was the Saudi prince who just happened to be visiting.
Fact: high officials have been known to sell info to the Russians but we hear nothing of all the billions the Arabs have.
Fact: with 999 TV stations out their, if they come after you with the crave you will have no way to get your message out.
Fact: we will not be silenced your national program is going to come to an end.
Now you know some of the facts read about your poetic and religious rights they are after in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM@Amazon.com

Torture in America
They claim they only want to torture the Arab but some people don’t realize how well they have it at the Hanoi Hilton, unfortunately they don’t have enough guts to smoke a joint in America and find out what it is like to be black in America. The examples of what we are living through are blatantly put in our faces every day. From their BART subway, to the Chicago crime fighting units, to New York and the Nazi committing sexual assault with their Billy clubs, to New Orleans and from Rodney king LAs. The lady runs across the highway rather than take a chance of being locked in their prisons; she is hit and killed by a car. The parolee would rather jump off the bridge than risk being taken into custody for a minor traffic offence. But each time we hear of these incidents we are just suppose to believe that it is just one bad apple or just one crazy immoral. It is time we look at the atmosphere that encourages these Nazi to carry out their punishment against our drug users, dealers or other non supporters of their silent genocide. They use their phony morality and fraudulent science, as they deny the people their genetic, neurological, historical, natural, medical, ancestral, or religious rights. All because some foreign owned pharmaceutical companies and their gods in white coats who worship Apollo and swear to Hippocrates claim our modern day Thomas Edison’s and Jefferson, George Washington and Henry Ford’s are criminal or that they are just helping these people out by serving them. When they are allowed to deny man his Natural Rights or claim they don’t have enough time to serve Jewish food in prisons or they just can’t do anything about all their gays that they create or house in their prisons. When they openly and well document the torture of the governor of California, libertarian candidate, “until he pissed blood” then gave him a chemical substitute for weed, then it is time to lookto see what infraction they will go after next. What defenseless American or immoral decadent entrepreneur will become the next victim? For the only thing different from the right wing and the talibomb is one is just a cult.

How the electronic wizards of today are using their high technology to eliminate the undesirables and play god Let’s look at the facts since the beginning of time man has used magic to play god. During the Roman times the priest would use tricks to make the temple doors open automatically. During Lewis and Clark days they would throw gun powder on the fire or strike a match. Today is no different. We have all seen magicians of today make the statue of liberty disappear, or he stands outside a locked armored car and raises a black curtain and then lowers it and he is inside, these magic tricks are all fun and games, until you get someone who can mix in a few medical miracles and some electronic high technology then they can control the crave. They can criminalize the undesirables for barring arms against their harms, and deny a whole population the right of laws. They hide in the back ground running the people broke as they profit endlessly. The logic of the drug war will not be debated here. From attacking the sick and stealing cars from the handicap as they claim to be helping out all these blacks and they fill our prisons and gut our cities with their crime and violence. This article will address the different types of medical and high technology weapons they are using to destroy the peaceful people’s lives and freedom for their wallets.Sound technology: They can cancel the noise of an engine because sound travels in waves: make a wave equal to the one being produced and it becomes silent. Directed sound; They can direct the sound waves so that only one person can hear it, no need for ear pieces. sound technology is classified information “Columbia journalism Review” you are just to believe that the Arab who was tortured in quantamino really did hear god telling him to confess his sins, you are just to believe that it was god who told the pot dealer to condemn the first page of the Christian bible and join the 700 club, if you don’t you must be crazy right? Medical miracles: They have needless injectors powered by air, air riffles they now display can rip a steel can to shreds, but you don’t hear about their needless injectors. They can change they yoke of an egg from orange to yellow without damaging the shell. Deplete a man’s sugar and you can make a sugar addict, make him allergic to peanuts then you can chase him around the world with your peanut oil. From their designer drugs they make for their athletics to their breathalyzer pills they make for the Europeans do you really believes they only lie about their fen fen and viox, when they put parraquat on weed knowing that it does nothing but give the pot smoker cancer.Sensory deprivation, aroma therapy They have the ability to make a horrid smell , like an aerosol can one little spray and in a few seconds you will smell it and beg for death, but unable to identify the source.Microwaves: thermal imaging photos, they can see inside a cow to determine the best time to milk it. They can find black oil thousands of feet below the ground. They have waves that they can aim at someone and either repulse or attract that person. Lasers: They can fill a room with lasers that can cut a person in half but you wouldn’t be able to see them. They can make an image appear on the wall and the unsuspecting could think it god. Satellite: we all have seen what Google maps can do but that only what they allow the average person to see they have the ability to zoom in on the face or license plate of their target. They can shoot a satellite out of space on a ship in a storm. Nannon technology: you may have seen their TV showing a fly, the song ends with wish I was a fly on the wall I all ready am. They have the ability to implant nanon receivers and cameras in roaches, birds, flies and bugs. Harpers magazine points out they are only a few years away from human trails. Stealth technology with their flying drones that can carry as many bombs as a full jet and you can’t see them. With their camouflage technology they can park a tank across the street and you wouldn’t see it. The samurai warrior was a master at stealth movements, able to walk across rice paper without damaging it. They can make glass as hard as nails, and you can build with them, their holograms, micro video cameras and LCD clothing do you really believe that Harry Potters vanishing blanket is impossible?Detectors: They have the ability to use the technology to detect potassium, pot is high in potassium, they can walk around a building and detect if there is a loaded gun inside. Electronics: Radio interference, sound bugs, auto car stops and starts, phone taps, wrong numbers sent to, whole house wiring becoming a sound amplifier, computer malfunctions. Do you really believe that you can be safe behind your brick wall? Samurai warrior, magician and doctors devote their life’s to their art but when some of these Nazi combine these arts and then think they can play god and sell out our freedom to the talibomb for billions as they try to convert the peaceful pot smoke to their gay or Muslim agenda, what will you do when they come after you with the crave? They build their weapons in their BLACK OPPS PROGRAM with the expressed purpose of plausible deniability. The cities and towns and banks can make millions as they eliminate the undesirables, but they never expose themselves unless they know you will never get out of their gay prisons, but they work in the back ground causing all the crime and violence.Science fiction or science fact?Read more in ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM @Amazon .com
Subject: understanding economic terrorism Title: what happened to the diversity in America? Let us look at a little known part in America, that has been used for some time, but little light has ever been shed on the subject. When we hear about it, we don’t give it a second thought but it’s time that we look at this sanctioned dirty part of America. To determine if this national program has been hijacked by the talibomb. They talk about hitting the skin head, the hate monger in the wallet to silence him and we think nothing of it, we find ourselves so disgusted with the hate monger we turn a blind eye. But if we really think of what this entails and who is making these decision and is their another side to the story? With their lies and propaganda we are suppose to believe that Thomas Edison stole the light bulb, isn’t that what the illegal drug users do? But when they are running the pot smokers broke, denying the basic science and facts that Americans are not genetically different than Canadians – in Canada there are 1200 people with medical necessity to smoke, in America there are less than 30. We need to find out who these people are that are running us broke sabotaging us at work, at school ,at home, emotionally socially ,physically and find out why they are making excuses for ignoring the will of the people stealing cars from the handicap, attacking scoliosis and cancer patients. Are you sure they are not using financial terrorism on the blacks to promote their racists’ agenda? On the heterosexuals to promote their gay agenda? if we turn a blind eye and accept the fact that they are free to use financial terrorism on the smoker, the beer drinker then we are giving up our freedom and handing it over to a secret organization to create misfortune and profit endlessly as they work to silence the Berkley subversive or the environmentalist who wants to bring us cheaper fuels. Although it’s easy to turn a blind eye when they admit they are going to use financial terrorism to sabotage the ex-convict or felon or in the case of Americas past, destroying all the buffalo and nature to bring the Indians to their knees. We have to look to see if we really want America to stand for what these terrorist decide. Do we really want to say it’s not how hard you work in America its whether or not you meet their approval? Case in point don’t try to tell me it’s not how hard an America works that he can never make a building safe for a smoker and non smoker to peacefully coexist, show me your science or show me your bible, I’m not going to give up our freedom to these terrorist. Whatever happened to the world famous gas light square Mick Jaeger (rolling stones) sang about, do you really believe that they were just bad money managers and all the immoral women just decided to join the 700 club? We need to put a stop to this type of financial terrorism waged against our citizens, even if we find some of them objectionable. For if we don’t you or me may be the next one who doesn’t fit their phony morality. We stand in the way of these terrorist seizing absolute tyrannical controls over us for their profit driven motives. They want to destroy our country our freedom, what our forefathers fought and died for, for their wallets. End financial terrorism once and for all, for disaster economics is no longer just for the individual as we saw in New Orleans, but what will you do if you are next. Read more in the book titled ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM__ @Amazon.com

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bible quiz

smokingspirit | 15 June, 2011 17:51

Bible Quiz

The Christian religion has incorporation many pagan practices and beliefs. Christ did not condemn the original scriptures but incorporated them pointing out the moral of peace was paramount.

(1) Did God intended that he dominate over ignorant people and was the sin of Adam and eve to?

A. eat from the apple tree of knowledge or

B. put cloths on and hide from God

(2) The power God granted man over the plants and animals was?

A. to be turned over to the medical monopoly to profit off the old and sick

B. for every man to decide for himself

(3) What did both mosses and king David do to feel better?

A. go to a doctor

B. have sex with a girl

(4) In the story where the angel went out at night seeking the righteous instead of 8: am Sunday morning and found one righteous man who offered the angel his daughter. The angel turned the rest of the city to salt but the wife looked back to the old ways and she was also turned to salt, the daughters got their father drunk and slept with him did?

A. God loose all his power so he just said they were sinners or

B. not care about sex

(5)Who will reach heaven first according to Ezekiel?

A. the righteous

B. the prostitute and the sinners

(6)When the angel came down from heaven carrying the pipe and a horn in a cloud of smoke God intended?

A. to demonize the smoker

B. Recognize the genetic neurological historical and religious rights of man.

(7)When Ruth snuck into the guy’s bed at night before marriage this gospel is intended to?

A. show you should keep a better lock on your daughter

B. Not worry about it.

Part II Bible Quiz

(8) It is recognized that Joseph was much older than Mary and that Mary was a young girl was Joseph intentions

A. wait until she was 18 years of age

B. have sex with her

(9) When sex outside of marriage was a stoneable offence why didn’t God wait until Joseph was married before Mary became pregnant?

A. God just wanted to cause hardship for the family

B. God didn’t care that much about sex

(10) When Christ came of age and took off in the city by himself going to the temple this was an example of

A. one should lock their kids up and make sure their not out

B. accept that after confirmation they only need recommendations and guidance not a dictator

(11) Of all the offences people could be stoned for in ancient times Christ picked the ______?______ person to save?

A. The person working on the Sabbath

B. The whore, Mary Mandolin

(12) Who is the only person Christ ever called good?

A. the tax collector

B. the good Samaritan women who had 5 husbands

(13)Christ has died Christ has risen Christ will come again to?

A. to condemn all that God made the plants and other goodness

B. show man that he need not condemn what God has created

(13) The ancient definition of fornication is to vault up the modern definition is to have sex which definition should be used ?

A. the new definition

B. the old definition

(14) The moral of God can be explained in one word, for all things are possible under God. That moral is?

A. changes from generation to generation depending on who is pope or what war is waging at the time

B. Peace, remains unchanged though out time.

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May the torch of freedom burn bight into the next generation

smokingspirit | 14 June, 2011 17:55

1.) Is it too much for the Christian to ask for the God given right to honor the “power over the plants and animals” granted to man in the first page of the Christian bible?

2.)Is it too much for the Christian Not to be forced to condemn God and all his creations because some gay conquistadores misinterpreted Gods word?

3.)Is it too much for the American to ask for the right to the American declaration of independence“God and his natural goodness” there in declared?

4.) Is it too much for the American Not to be forced by the Talibomb to condem 4 of Americans most infulencial people T.Edison, T. Jefferson, G. Washington, and Henry Ford all illegal Drug users.

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