Monday, May 23, 2011


To be an American

An American will defend the constitution for all people and insure own enforcement. An American does not have to bow to a King or Czar, or medical monopoly but can speak his mind and practice his religion or lack of it, as he sees fit. The American is entitled to the best the world has to offer, the best as defined by him. An American knows that if you have an accusation then you make it in a court of law and that the accused is innocent until proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. That all people are entitled to Gods nature and his natural goodness defined in the American constitution, for freedom is the freedom of choice to use self responsibility and self restraint in the making of that choice, and that a civilized society is based on liberty and tolerance for all. An American knows that a Christian leads by example and that all things are possible under God as long as the moral in one word rains supreme, the moral of Jesus Christ the moral in one word rains supreme that word is peace. In America we use to have peace officers who would serve and protect not persecute and oppress, in America the state use to be grown up and not always try to claim to be victim for any and every reason or not try to persecute people who speak truth to power weather it’s the Christian pole dancers or the California pot smokers from sea to shinning sea there is a place for all to be. Read more in the book about Christians and freedom

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