Monday, May 23, 2011


California police ignore high court ruling

200 people to one toilet! Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proclaims that these prison guards should be the ones behind bars. Over twelve years of court battles by the inmates winning each time and the prosecuting attorney claims there will be no rush and their will be no mass release. The freedom riders of the 1960s plan was to overload the prisons, and then they would be forced to release them, but the court didn’t step in and they kept over filling the prison system and with 90% of the jail population in their for drug crimes, its time to wake up a see what the prison empire is building for the next generation. If a teacher keeps failing its students it time to replace the teacher. Every arrest equals a failure. They didn’t just give yellow pox blankets to the Indians for nothing Nixon had to do something to appeases the racist south when the court threw out their Jim Crow laws and what better way than to have a drug war, and with their needless air powered injectors, their Harry Potter cloak, their Chris Angel and David Copperfield magic tricks you can be assured that they only control the crave with their nicotine patch and Parkinson drug and with two shoots a night in every major city you can be assured that they are just helping these people out. Why do we stop these people from walking down to the store and buying what they need or want? If the person has to rip off 13 convenience stores in a one month period to buy what he needs are want ; No people, No business can be secure, as the talibomb claim they are just helping them out read more in the book

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