Monday, February 27, 2012

whos next
black men are 6 times more likely to get prostate cancer than whites- the explosion of illness among all groups of so called undesirables has expanded at an alarming rate- a 30% increase in psychological, emotional, ADD and bi-polar disorders among Americans continues to expand. America has the highest addiction rate in the world and instead of looking at the basic facts of the causes they just recommend more money for the doctors and more pills for the people. look at the facts - CBS 60 minutes does a TV show about a south African dr. who gets busted injecting people with the AIDS virus and a high US government official fly’s in and confiscates some high tech weapon no further info about the weapon, the doctor is prosecuted without mentioning the weapon( they have the means, the technology. Frontline PBS points out that Nixon had to do something to stop the anti war protestors and silence the Berkeley subversives and the drug war was the way to stop them and appease the south with their new desegregation laws, they could still segregate the people with their drug war (MOTIVE) they could build a whole economy off the prison empire and profiting off our old and sick- work until you are 86 or until you get sick then hand it all over to them the one nobody dares to offend ( their incentive) and each time if any of these talibomb get caught they make a baseless accusation against the American for “when the Muslim plays the moral card the Christian is always suppose to loose and with health care and the big pharmaceutical companies criminalizing the Christian for honoring and or using the power over the plants that God had granted to all men or demanding that the Christian join them in their hate and condemnation of all of God’s creation it won’t be long before they come after you and demand that they count your donuts or make sure they approve you sitting on your porch and have a coffee or if you pass their moral test. Help restore our freedom read more in the book An Opening for the living
the God particle
The god particle, to bring a dead tree back to life, sure science will tell you these molecules are just chemical reactions that have expired, but when something dies it’s just a body without the god particle, without that particle nothing lives; doctors do not recognize this particle but then they are just artisan, there all type of artisan, the dish washer is also an artisan that is just as important. But the doctors and the medical monopoly are playing god and working to create a world where man and machine are one.- right now there anti smoking- anti drinking campaign is being waged because freedom is a threat to their phony logic and fraudulent science- eggs, salt, butter, and beer we have all heard their fears- right now a computer can make a criminal out of someone, if a computer traffic light and camera malfunction the person becomes a criminal regardless of whether there is a victim or not. We have seen this when the accelerators on some cars malfunction even if their science cannot prove a ,malfunction but their science proves the existence of so called ( gremlins ) micro particles of dust that create unintended static electrical connections- but the medical monopoly over looks these flaws in order to promote their new normal – victim or not, these doctors who play god have unquestionable powers, let’s look at who these degreed experts are and how Klaus they are trained to be. Their experiments on people is any procedure that does not have a 90% SUCCESS RATE , they push their contaminated vaccines but they only work if everyone in the school is taking them, their drug war and addiction rate in America is the highest in the world, but you can be assured that they will use extreme violence to insure only their FDA approved drugs are allowed- from their LSD- Meth recipes, lobotomies, Manchurian candidate- edge wood, Kentucky drug farm ect . They promote their penis pooping pills, as they work to destroy the desire in women, for population control right, but its just the new normal pushed on America by the foreign owned pharmaceutical companies- It took drugs and courage to settle the old west anyone would be a fool to think the future would be any different, the only difference is are we going to hand our freedom over to these Gods in white coats and their bounty hunters as they call us criminal and go after coffee, sugar, alcohol, and tobacco, even something as American as the Hot Dog but then Abe Lincoln should have been on their anti depressants and George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin should have been locked up in some psycho ward, this is the new community normal our future generations will face if the state doesn’t grow up and quit playing victim and restore our personal and individual freedom and the right to honor and enjoy life the goodness of God and the God Partial the way the smokers or the crazies see fit to read more in the books An OPENING FOR THE LIVING and ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM

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