Wednesday, February 16, 2011

bible quiz

Bible Quiz
The Christian religion has incorporation many pagan practices and beliefs. Christ did not condemn the original scriptures but incorporated them pointing out the moral of peace was paramount.
(1) Did God intended that he dominate over ignorant people and was the sin of Adam and eve to?
A. eat from the apple tree of knowledge or
B. put cloths on and hide from God
(2) The power God granted man over the plants and animals was?
A. to be turned over to the medical monopoly to profit off the old and sick
B. for every man to decide for himself
(3) What did both mosses and king David do to feel better?
A. go to a doctor
B. have sex with a girl
(4) In the story where the angel went out at night seeking the righteous instead of 8: am Sunday morning and found one righteous man who offered the angel his daughter. The angel turned the rest of the city to salt but the wife looked back to the old ways and she was also turned to salt, the daughters got their father drunk and slept with him did?
A. God loose all his power so he just said they were sinners or
B. not care about sex
(5)Who will reach heaven first according to Ezekiel?
A. the righteous
B. the prostitute and the sinners
(6)When the angel came down from heaven carrying the pipe and a horn in a cloud of smoke God intended?
A. to demonize the smoker
B. Recognize the genetic neurological historical and religious rights of man.
(7)When Ruth snuck into the guy’s bed at night before marriage this gospel is intended to?
A. show you should keep a better lock on your daughter
B. Not worry about it.
Part II Bible Quiz
(8) It is recognized that Joseph was much older than Mary and that Mary was a young girl was Joseph intentions
A. wait until she was 18 years of age
B. have sex with her
(9) When sex outside of marriage was a stoneable offence why didn’t God wait until Joseph was married before Mary became pregnant?
A. God just wanted to cause hardship for the family
B. God didn’t care that much about sex
(10) When Christ came of age and took off in the city by himself going to the temple this was an example of
A. one should lock their kids up and make sure their not out
B. accept that after confirmation they only need recommendations and guidance not a dictator
(11) Of all the offences people could be stoned for in ancient times Christ picked the ______?______ person to save?
A. The person working on the Sabbath
B. The whore, Mary Mandolin
(12) Who is the only person Christ ever called good?
A. the tax collector
B. the good Samaritan women who had 5 husbands
(13)Christ has died Christ has risen Christ will come again to?
A. to condemn all that God made the plants and other goodness
B. show man that he need not condemn what God has created
(13) The ancient definition of fornication is to vault up the modern definition is to have sex which definition should be used ?
A. the new definition
B. the old definition
(14) The moral of God can be explained in one word, for all things are possible under God. That moral is?
A. changes from generation to generation depending on who is pope or what war is waging at the time
B. Peace, remains unchanged though out time.

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